You only have two eyes…

Optrel/Sperrian Helmet

Optrel/Sperrian Helmet

Quite often we have customers come into the showroom checking out automatic helmets because:

a) they have purchased an inexpensive helmet and it no longer works properly,


b) they are looking to upgrade their existing helmet.

There are several factors to consider when purchasing an automatic helmet. How frequently will you be using this helmet? What features are required? and How much money are you
willing to invest?

Automatic helmets have progressed over the years and now have several options such as multiple shade selections, a grinding mode which allows the lens to maintain a shade #3 with out switching on/off which allows the operator to grind without damaging the lens, and multiple lens sensors that help the lens switch in low lighting and other obscure light situations.

Options always come at a price so please take the time to research and understand the different features and what helmet best suits your needs and your budget.

However please keep in mind that you only have ONE set of eyes and buy accordingly.

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